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Who's interested in Rumford fireplaces
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Articles and Books
What is a Rumford Fireplace Anyway?
Rumford, The Fireplace That's More Like It Used To Be Than Ever Before
Real Rumford Fireplaces Have Straight Backs... the Orton Variation
Rumford's Essays: Chimney Fireplaces, 1796 & Supplemental Observations, 1798
About Count Rumford Himself
Jefferson on Rumford at Monticello
American Chimneys - How Rumfords determined Style

New Fireplace and Chimney Codes, 2007
Fire Safety Strategies As They Relate to American Chimneys Historically
Masonry Chimney Clearances
The Air Space Conundrum, 2013
UBC Approves Rumford Fireplaces - 1991
Refractory Mortar for Fireplace and Chimney Consruction
Chimneys & Earthquakes

Green Fireplaces
The Fireplace Emissions Issue
Skip Hayden's anti fireplace article - Critiqued

Building A Fire In Your Rumford
New Housing Trends - 2015
"Rumfordizing" Existing Fireplaces
How Much Should a Rumford Cost?
The Day Pittsburgh Burned - And How it Changed the Fireplace Market
Cooking Fireplaces and Bake Ovens
Why a Rumford Fireplace Website

Articles by others:
Preserving the Past by Alice Robertson
First Fire of the Season by Dean S. Blissman
The Little Fireplace That Could by Peter Jansen
Five Foot Rumford Fireplace in This Old House Magazine
How a Rumford Fireplace ... can Enhance your Home by Mary Sauer
How to Clean a Rumford Fireplace by Max Shafer
Build A Rumford in Your Bedroom by Kiley Morrow
The History Of The Fire Hearth by Phil Cleaver, edited by Peter Walsh
Legacy of Rumford in the UK by Evelyn Robinson
How Count Rumford Heated the Hearts of Europe by Eve Pearce
"A Short History of Masonry" by Fred Bassetti
History of Cement & Mortar
E.L. Roberts & Co. 1903 Catalog

Book Store

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Masonry Chimneys
Chimney Gallery
Superior Clay Chimney Pots
Chimney Pot Gallery
American Historic Chimneys
English and Italian Chimney Pots
brick spirals
diagonal brick and round tile
Stone Top
Big Four-part Chimney Top
Wooden Chimneys and Masonry Houses?!

Chimney Plans & Instructions
Flue Size Tables
Flue Sizes Explained
Chimney Flashing Detail
Chimneys & Earthquakes
Metal Chimney Detail
Stacked Rumfords

History, Stories and Useful Information about Chimneys
Brief History of American Chimneys
A.J. Downing On Chimney Tops
Rumford On Chimney Tops
"Gas Flues...and Masonry Chimneys"
"Log Construction In the Folk Building Tradition Of the New World" by Ron Diener
A New Standard for ASTM - Clay Flue Installation C-1283

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Masonry Heaters
Masonry Heater Builders
Albie Barden Flue Tile Heater
Antique Swedish Heaters
Superior Clay Swedish Heaters
Norwegian Heaters
French Ceramic Stove

Masonry Industry Associations
Architectural Links
Builder & Construction Links
Chimney Links
Do It Yourself Links
Historic Preservation Links
Publications with a Masonry Focus
Cooking Fireplace & Oven Links
Heating and Ventilating Links
Craft & Artist Links
Masonry Heater Builders
Wood Heating Links
Hearth Products Links
Other Links
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Superior Clay Corporation
(Rumford fireplace components are manufactured by the Superior Clay Corporation which also manufacturers other clay products featured on their website)
Clay Chimney Pots
Clay Flue Liners
Clay Pipe
Wall Coping
Architectural Terra Cotta
Rumford Fireplace Components
Masonry Ovens
Herringbone Fireboxes
Wine Rack Tiles

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