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The Buckley Rumford fireplaces featured on this page were all built using Superior Clay Rumford fireplace components.

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Traditional Rumfords - new and historic traditional or classic 18th century Rumford fireplaces.

Contemporary Rumfords - the timeless elegant functional design of a Rumford doesn't have to look eighteenth century.

Stone Rumfords - There is so much you can do with stone. What artistry!

Brick Rumfords - Plane or fancy. Brick can last 100 years

Certified Rumfords - Emissions Certified Rumfords. Tested and certified to insure clean-burning. Approved in many areas that regulate fireplace emissions.

Historic Rumfords - Mostly built between 1796 and 1860.

"Rumfordized" - Rebuild your existing fireplace as a Rumford. How and why.

International Rumfords - Buckley Rumford fireplaces built around the world.

Cooking Fireplaces - an early American tradition.

Clay Ovens - indoors or outside. Enjoy the pleasure of cooking in a traditional masonry oven.

Kiva-Rumfords - a happy marrage between a traditional Southwest Kiva fireplaces and a traditional Yankee Rumfords.

Outdoor Rumfords - Radiant heating Rumford fireplaces that heat people instead of the air are great for extending the hour and the season of an outdoor space.

Big Rumfords - are impressive and can heat a large space while smaller fireplaces are more cosy. We can design a fireplace of any size.

Unusual Rumfords - tall, in a corner, back-to-back, herringbone fireboxes, unusual designs and about anything you can imagine.

Miscellaneous Pictures - Rumford inspired, Rumford related or maybe just wrong.

Restaurants and Hotels - with Rumfords and Ovens.
More pictures of Rumfords sent in by customers on "endorsements" page.*

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