Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
by Jim Buckley, 12/12/01

When we get the fireplace market back it won't be like it was twenty-five years ago.

Styles are different. Homes are more traditional with higher ceilings and classical appointments. The tall and traditional Rumford fireplace that Thomas Jefferson insisted on at Montecello is more appropriate.

Clean air regulation and an energy crisis twenty years ago have created a demand for clean-burning and efficient heating appliances. Rumford fireplaces are legendary for their heating efficiency and are the first open masonry fireplaces in the country to be "certified" as clean-burning.

We know that building trends run in cycles. We think masonry is coming back. With increasing concern about environmental issues and with the soaring prices of lumber, now is the time to get our residential masonry market back. Personally, I think Rumford fireplaces will help to lead the way.

The Rumford Fireplace Website contains a lot of information about Rumford fireplaces. There are plans and specifications, pictures and design suggestions, history and physics.

Even more importantly there are architects, designers, builders, manufacturers, dealers, masons and sweeps who know about Rumfords and can provide even more information about them from their own experiences.

The architects, designers and builders featured on the Rumford site have all either specified, built or asked for information about Rumford fireplaces. They are the people who design and build the highest quality homes.

The manufacturers, masonry materials dealers and mason contractors listed make, sell or build Rumfords.

The Rumford Fireplace Website focuses on Rumford fireplaces and, by extension, the best of the residential masonry industry. There are other websites that focus on other aspects of the construction industry or the masonry industry. We've provided links to most of them. But here you will find the best and most current information about Rumford fireplaces anywhere.

Browse, add content and criticize. The site will work for us all to the extent that we all work together to keep it current and useful.

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