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Design Issues
Codes and Standards
How Big a Fireplace to Build?
Double Returns
Tall Fireplace Openings
Low Fireplace Openings
Raised Heareth
The fireplace is too shallow!
Arched Openings
Do I have to use that ugly firebrick?
Why use refractory mortar?
Which Throat is Better?
How tall should the chimney be?
Is Drywall Combustible?
Is a Rusted Out Heatilator Safe?
Venting Fireplaces with Gas Logs
Bedroom Fireplaces
TV Above Mantel

Jobsite Mechanics
Masonry Chimney Clearances
How to reinforce a hearth extension
Job site Sequencing
Air space around linings
Chimneys & Earthquakes
Concrete Chimneys
"Tumbled Terra Cotta"
AAC Chimneys
Rammed Earth Chimneys
Temple Cob Construction & Rocket Stoves
Rumford Perspective on Timber Framing
Metal Chimneys
Gas lines for gas starters and gas logs
Kindling Balls & Fire Starters
Two Flues Better Than One?
Two Appliances in One Flue?
Lean Smoke Chamber for 2"x6" wall
How Soon Can You Build a Fire?

Build the Core - Then Veneer
How to get the builder to build a Rumford
How to get the mason to read the plans
Use the right flue size
How Much Should a Rumford Cost?
Economical Masonry Enclosures

Why Rumfords Work So Well
How efficient is a Rumford fireplace?
What is the BTU output of a Rumford?
Venturis, Carburetors and Rumford Throats
Chimney Draft
Whistling in the Wind
Radiant Heat
Where Wood-burning is Regulated
Gas Rumford Fireplaces
Pyrolysis, gasification & down drafting fires
Green Fireplaces
Combustion air
The Skinny on Fireplace Doors
Smoke & Creosote

Smoky Fireplaces
Smoky Fireplace Checklist
Balancing the Ventilation System
Big Kitchen Fans - by Bruce Manclark
Harry Wappelhorst's smoky fireplace
Verna Jones' wind induced downdraft
Bob Harper's Guide to Smoking Fireplaces
Troublesome Multi-sided Fireplaces
Smoky Outdoor Fireplaces
Venting Japanese and American Indian fires
Scott's Toast

Rumford compared with Modern Fireplace
Modern Fireplace
Which Rumford Version is Correct?
Rosin Fireplaces
Insulated Rumford
Iron Firebacks
Which is better - Stove or Rumford?
How About Burning Coal?
Heatilator or Rumford?
How About Heating Air with a Rumford?
Or Water?
Or Bricks - A Rumford Masonry Heater?
Zero or a Rumford?
Converting a Zero to a Rumford
Metal Rumfords
Soapstone vs Firebrick
Some Persceptive on Emmissions

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