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Buckley Rumford Fireplaces

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Rumford Fireplace Plan (one piece throat with table of standard sizes)
Large and/or Modified Rumford Plan (segmented throat system with table of standard sizes)

Rumford Fireplace Instructions
Certified Rumford Fireplace Instructions
Herringbone Firebox Instructions
"Rumfordising" an Existing Fireplace - How & Why
Oven Instructions
Balancing the Ventilation System
Building A Fire In Your Rumford

Specific Plans & Instructions
24" Rumford Plan
30" Rumford Plan
36" Rumford Plan
36" Rumford with exterior chimney
42" Rumford
48" Rumford Plan
54" Rumford Plan
Five Foot Rumford Plan
Six Foot Rumford Plan
Seven Foot Rumford Plan
Eight Foot Rumford Plan
Note on big Rumfords

Back-to-back Rumfords
Oven and three Rumfords
48" Rumford with 24" Oven
Oven, four Rumfords and a furnace
Oven Above the Fireplace
Cluster of Four Rumfords
Corner Rumfords
Tall Rumfords
Multi-sided and "see-through" Fireplaces
Stacked Rumfords

Superlite Rumford Plan with Integra Wall System
Mutual Materials Rumford Plan (segmented throat system with table of standard sizes)
Stern/Life Dream House Plan

Cooking Fireplace and Bread Oven
Superior Clay Bake Ovens
Kelly's three Rumfords & an oven
Three Rumfords, Bread Oven and a Furnace Flue
Picture circa 1760 reproduction fireplace & oven
Picture of circa 1720 Bucks County, PA oven

Kiva-Rumford Fireplaces
30" Kiva Plan
48" Kiva Plan
Kiva Geometry
Lee Kiva
"In progress" Kiva-Rumford pictures
SWSA Workshop Kiva in NM

Misc. Details
Chimney Flashing Detail
Metal Chimney Detail
Decorative Shrouds on Metal Chimneys

Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
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