Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
(Alternatively Section 04880)

Specifications common to all masonry fireplaces including sections relating to reinforced concrete, brick, concrete masonry units, masonry cement, firebrick, and refractory mortar.

REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS (Pertinent to Rumford fireplaces)

    Conforms to the following building codes:
    IRC (International Residential Code), 2021, Entire Section R1001 and especially Sec. R1001.6 Exception: For Rumford fireplaces.
    IBC (International Building Code), 2021, Entire Section 2111 and especially Sec. 2111.7 Exception: For Rumford fireplaces.
    ICBO Uniform Building Code Sec. 3102.7.3 Rumford fireplaces.
    BOCA National Building Code, Section 2402.1.1 - Rumford Fireplaces.
    SBCCI Standard Building Code, Section 804.3 - Masonry Fireplaces.
    CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code, Chapter Ten - Masonry Fireplaces.
    NFPA 211 Standards for Chimneys and Fireplaces, Section 7.3 - Masonry Fireplaces.

    Conforms to the following emissions regulations:
    Washington State UBC Standard 31-2(WAC 51-30-31200 section 3102.5.4)
    Various counties and cities - see Emissions for details.


MANUFACTURER - MASONRY MATERIALS (Products unique to Rumford fireplaces)

Superior Clay Corp. - Vitrified Refractory Clay Rumford Throat:

    24"x12" to fit 24" wide Rumford fireplace.
    30"x12" to fit 30" wide Rumford fireplace.
    36"x14" to fit 36" wide Rumford fireplace.
    42"x15" to fit 42" wide Rumford fireplace.
    48"x16" to fit 48" wide Rumford fireplace.
    Segmented Airfoil Throat system to fit Rumford Fireplaces of any size
Superior Clay Corp. - Rumford Damper (gasketed cast iron or heavy steel):
    Specify by fireplace opening size and indicate heavy steel or cast iron.
Superior Clay Corp. - Rumford Smoke Chamber (centered or offset):
    8.5"x13" - 8.5"X24"x19" . fits 24" wide Rumford with 8.5"x13" flue.
    12"x12" - 12"x29"x19" .... fits 30" wide Rumford fireplace with 12"x12" flue.
    13"x13" - 13"x34"x18" .... fits 36" wide Rumford fireplace with 13"x13" flue.
    13"x18" - 13"x34"x18" .... fits 42" wide Rumford fireplace with 13"x18" flue.
    16"x16" - 16"x35"x19" .... fits 42" wide Rumford fireplace with 16"x16" flue.
    16"x20" - 16"x34"x18" .... fits 48" wide Rumford fireplace with 16"x20" flue.
    20"x20" - 20"X50"x30" ... fits 60" wide Rumford fireplace with 20"x20" flue.
    24"x24" - 24"X57"x32" ... fits 72" wide Rumford fireplace with 24"x24" flue.
    Custom smoke chambers to fit any size flue system available.
Superior Clay Corp. - Heatstop refractory mortar

The rest of Part II (PRODUCTS) and Part III (EXECUTION) common to all masonry fireplaces.

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