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Wooden Chimneys and Masonry Houses?!
by Jim Buckley, 6/29/96

I think it's immoral, or against state law (I'm not sure which) to build wooden chimneys for masonry homes. Anyway it should be. What can I say?

Fact is a solid masonry Rumford fireplace and full masonry chimney for this production structural masonry house would only cost about $1,500. That's about $800 less expensive than it would cost in a frame house because one of the four masonry chimney walls is already there and the masons are already set up on the job. And there are no special framing problems or complicated distance-to-combustibles code rules to follow.

Metal fireplaces and wooden chimneys get built in masonry houses because that's what builders are used to but it does look a little strange and probably costs more than a real masonry fireplace and chimney.

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