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October 15, 1999 Marvin Fischer
Chief Building Official
P.O. Box 264
Hot Sulfur Springs, CO 80451
970 725 3347 (fax 970 725 3303)

Dear Mr. Fischer,

Thanks for notifying me about the letter from Gary Finiol and the Commission meeting on
Tuesday to reconsider approval of our Rumford fireplaces in Grand County.

Mr. Finiol's letter recounts the fact that our Rumford fireplaces meet the masonry heater
emissions performance standard required by Regulation No. 4 but are not on the list of
approved masonry heaters only because they are not masonry heaters. Since such a letter is
what the Commission asked for, I assume (and hope) that the Commission will find Mr.
Finiol's letter satisfactory and will approve the Rumfords.

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Commission meeting but I think our customer,
builder John Berendes, will attend. I will make it a point to be in my office and available at
800 447 7788 Tuesday morning should you or any of the Commissioners have any
questions I can answer.


Jim Buckley
Copy: John Berendes (fax 970 726 5098)

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