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All the text and pictures on www.rumford.com are copyrighted 1995 - 2011 by Jim Buckley unless otherwise noted by the credits. You are welcome to use anything on the website, that is not copyrighted by someone else, free of charge but I ask that you get permission first by emailing me at buckley@rumford.com and that you provide the following credit and hyperlink: "Courtesy of Jim Buckley, www.rumford.com." I reserve the right to deny usage on sites and in publications that I find immoral, in poor taste or that are critical without balance or opportunity for rebuttal.

The rumford.com website is both commercial and service oriented. Because our community of architects, builders, mason contractors, masonry products manufacturers and dealers and a few photographers is mostly made up of small and family-owned businesses, one of the most important reasons for the website is to create a forum and source of information, to make us aware of each other and to facilitate communication. In that sense, although I manage the website and take full responsibility for its content, I try to think of it as "our" joint effort and do everything I can to make it interactive and promote the residential design/build/masonry community. It is in that light that giving credit for an article, letter or picture is not only a duty and legal responsibility, it is one of the main purposes of the website.

We have a lot of pictures of Rumford fireplaces on the website. Some, like the McNear Rumfords which were commissioned by our dealer, McNear Brick, for our use, we credit and promote the photographer, architect, builder and mason. Generally we do not credit home owners, at their request, for privacy reasons.

More often we do not own the picture, but we have gotten permission to use a picture in exchange for credit or, for example, in the case of the photo of the Victorian "Rumfordised" fireplace where I got permission from the photographer, who was photographing the house for a magazine article, to use the picture of the fireplace in exchange for building a fire in the fireplace to enhance his pictures.

Sometimes we're not so clear about rights and copyrights. I routinely ask architects, builders, masons, and homeowners to send me pictures of Rumford fireplaces. Most of these pictures are not professionally taken, but some may be or are taken out of magazines and I don't always know if they are copyrighted or, if they are, who owns the copyright. Again, I want to give credit all around and if there are any infringements they are unintentional and, if brought to my attention, I will be glad to give credit, pay for the use or take the picture off the website.

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