>Hi. We put one of your rumfords into our new home and we love it! It puts
>out so much heat that the weather has to really turn COLD before we can use
>it. And the minimal ash left after a fire is truly impressive.
>So enough waxing effusive, here's my question. We have the tempered glass
>doors on the fireplace, which we close when the fire has died down. But we
>wonder, how died down does it have to be? Even when all the logs are pretty
>well burnt up, the pile of embers still puts out a great deal of heat. I
>find myself torn between worrying about an ember being spat out of the fire
>overnight and whether or not I'll awake to the sound of the doors
>shattering. How much heat will the doors take before they shatter, and how
>concerned do we need to be?
>Thanks in advance.
>Michele Grondin


I appreciate your effusive waxing. Thanks.

I recommend you get a screen and don't close the doors until the fire is out.

The glass blocks nearly all of the radiant heat and the fireplace still puts out a lot of radiant heat even after the fire has died down, and the small Rumford throat limits the heated air loss, so it's not really so inefficient to leave the doors open all night.


Jim Buckley

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