Bill Deal Likes the Website

Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998
From: Bill Deal ""
Subject: KIVAS & BREAD OVENS and such

Dear Jim:

Nice talking to you today. Am greatly impressed with the ease of getting
around your web page--great search engine!!! Copied many pictures and plans
to show Barbara Harwood at Enviro Custom Homes. The architect has no corner
for a Kiva but the owner apparently wants one anyway; so I'm probably going to
recommend a Kiva for middle-of-the-wall placement, with the
rounded arch opening like your Spanish Dress picture. Does that make sense???

As I said earlier today, we at Metro are very pleased with the response(s)
we're getting with "our Rumfords". Builders as well as architects (perhaps
from prompting by prospective homeowners) are coming to us with questions
about Rumfords--Do they really work? Yes ma'am, they really do. You know
what I mean. We still have our war with Isokerns, but we're starting to nip
at them pretty good. And we're making money doing it. Todd has been a big
help in helping us to expedite shipments and answering many questions. He
probably wishes his phone wouldn't ring quite so often. But stuff comes up,
and he's been there to help me personally many times. Many thanks, too for
your repeated assistance. I really appreciate it.

That's all for now. The tax man cometh.

Best regards,

Bill Deal
Metro Brick, Dallas, TX Dallas, TX

And again .........

Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998

Hi, Jim:

Finally sold my first Kiva -- to Mr. T. Boone Pickens; one of the more illustrative millionaires in local society. Love your web page more and more each time I visit. Now own a color printer which makes plan copying for customers much better. Will talk to you soon about firebrick, etc.

Our best to you and Bonnie,

Bill Deal

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