Bairdski Masonry, Inc.
Ron Baird
Box 316
New Meadows, ID 83654

February 3, 1997 Jim Buckley
Buckley Rumford Co.
1035 Monroe St.
Port Townsend, WA 98368


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ron Baird, owner of Bairdsky Masonry, Inc., from New Meadows, ID. My masonry career began over 25 years ago. I am extremely interested in reviving the residential fireplace as the main source of heat and comfort.
Therefore, when I obtained some literature about Rumford style fireplaces my expectations were ignited. Although earlier in my career when fireplaces were very popular, we were mostly production oriented. I find that in this community of vacationers, investors and land speculators, the need for custom masonry is in high demand. Not surprisingly our area is overwhelmed with zero clearance fireplaces, stoves, inserts, and every other kind of spin off of the real masonry fireplace that a person can think of.
This brings me to the reason for this correspondence. I would very much like to obtain any information concerning multi-sided Rumford designed fireplaces. Especially the Swede or two-sided style. Any information or sources of information, literature, and building specifications that you would be able to supply me would be greatly appreciated. Of course I will be more than happy to compensate you for your time if necessary. I also understand that there is a supplement for the user titles "Building a Fire in Your New Rumford Fireplace". Please supply me with a copy as I expect to convince some of my regular builders to swing over to a better way. I am convinced that once the Rumford breaks into the building scene it will become very popular. I also believe that high quality masonry workmanship is necessary for a total comeback of masonry fireplaces. Let's take the fireplace industry back!
Thanks for your time,

Ron Baird (President)
Bairdski Masonry, Inc.



BairdSki Masonry Inc. is a full service masonry contractor fulfilling all masonry needs. First in promoting the Rumford in this area and still actively building and putting the word out through a major advertising campain including radio, hats, pencils, etc. We have over 80 Rumford Fireplaces to our credit since I first contacted you. Give me a mailing adress and I will send you a fine hat.

Jim, I am currently listed with you but would like to update to include e-mail address and web site:
Web page:


Ron Baird

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