22 Mar 1997
To: buckley@rumford.com
From: Bill Gustafson, fyawg@ttacs1.ttu.edu
Subject: Rumford Article


Greetings from West Texas. We spent last weekend with Joe in Bosque going over house plans. He plugged Rumfords to everyone. (He was pleased since our design featured them exclusively) You need to get May, 1997 issue of Fine Homebuilding for an article by Richard Kreh Sr. on building Rumfords. He used Orton's design but did note that Rumford's original design used a straight back. It also features some nifty stonework.

I still have some other pics to scan and send you but Joe has me doing website reviews for the AdobeBuilder. Not to suck up but your site continues to get better. I have referred several people interested in fireplaces to it and all have been amazed.


A. William Gustafson, Ph.D.

Gustafson's "In Progress" Kiva Rumford Fireplace Photos
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