Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998
From: Gary Klauminzer
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Hello!

>We are building a new house in Bolton, MA. I had heard of Rumford
>fireplaces and looked them up on the web. Your site was at the top of
>the list. I worked through some of it and was immediately impressed by
>its organization and quality of content. I give you a hearty WELL DONE.
>Then I went to Richard Shea at T.E. Toomey Co. in Wakefield to see the
>Superior Clay hardware and found that Rich is an excellent source of
>information. He mentioned that you would like some photos of Rumfords
>in Massachusetts, and I will be happy to oblige when this project is
>done some time next spring. I make custom furniture and will surround
>the fireplace with cherry bookcases and an entertainment center, so I
>have an interest in the photos, also.
>Thanks for providing me valuable help.
>Gary K. Klauminzer
>8 Lincoln Terrace
>Lexington, MA 02421


Thank you for your kind words about my Rumford website. And good for Richy! I will look forward to receiving your pictures and will no doubt post them prominently on the website. Be sure to tell me what to say in the credit so they will hopefully serve us both.


Jim Buckley

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