Cris Ginn's Adirondack Rumford

From: "Crispin Ginn"
Subject: Adirondack Rumford
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000

Dear Jim,

Our new rumford is just the greatest thing in the world. We use it often and need more wood!

Jim, I have a few digital pictures of my chain damper control. Some are of the finished product and some are during construction. The finished shots are JPG files from a camera, the construction shots were scanned at work and made into TIFF and ??? files. How would be the best way to get them to you and which type of file do you prefer? I was thinking of preparing a little drawing of the assembly and how I machined the "keyhole" that tpaps the chain so that your customers can recreate it. The control works great and looks OK too.

I guess you can see that we have entered the cyber world....went from a detuned 286 to a hand-me-down hot-rodded 133 pentium and my wife's new work Dell laptop, all in the same month . Add an internet account and BINGO, we're on.

Jim, one thing that I'm blown away by is the fact that we have a system here that is seemingly unique. Here we are burning fires in a fireplace unlike anyone else has and on top of that, we're burning teepee style. People (every single one) come in and see the setup and say WOW! How can we have a something as basic to the Adirondacks (and everywhere) as a fireplace and then have it be so new to everyone, especially the teepee part which we love. It's just been great to amaze one person after the next...please quote me if you like, I'm happy to spread the word.

Thanks for your help and get back to me on the files. I would like to get the stuff to you ASAP.

Cris & Sheri

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