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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 20:45:55 EST
Subject: (no subject)

Dear Jim;

Thanks again for your web site and my listing on your site. I have recieved numerous inquiries for my services because of your website. Needless to say I always recomend your products and services. I deal with the Homer C Godfrey Company in Bridgeport Ct. for most of my supplies and considering the responses I get maybe you should increase your product line with them. Contact Mark (MAC) MacDonald, The top dog! At 203 336 1823 and say that Russ B sent you. Again Thanks! Of course I use your superior products all of the time.

Russ  Bonaccorso alias

I will send you a copy of ao Architectual Digest which will have a Rumford FP that is superbly crafted by us and also a full herring bone with a curved back--good trick--and instructions on how to build--tedious but not hard--Russ

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