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Ball & Ball Spitjack

Ball & Ball Fireplace Accessories

Ball & Ball Crain

Ball & Ball Fireplace Accessories

Jupiter fireback

The Country Iron foundry*

Carved stone Mantels
Letter from John Jalkanen

Capucin clockwork spit

Le Capucin French clockwork spit

Innover fireplace boiler
Letter from Innover
Eastender Restoration To-the-trade restoration products and services - very impressive website. 888 682-2235

Paolo Bacciotti
Zona Industriale La Torre
50032 Borgo San Lorenzo
Fax: ++(0)558459951
Phone: ++(0)558459271
Thermafiber Insulation Composed of spun mineral fibers and processed into a variety of excellent product applications, Thermafiber Insulations are noncombustible, nonasbestos, moisture-resistant, noncorrosive, nondeteriorating, mildew-proof, vermin-proof and exceptionally durable. And because mineral fibers resist temperatures up to 2,000 degrees F., Thermafiber Insulations offer superior fire protection. By contrast, glass fiber insulations begin to disintegrate at about 1,050 degrees F. (For information about fire testing, please refer to our UL Listing section.)*

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