Jerry Watkins likes our website but needs a corner plan

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Subject: Corner Fireplace?
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 21:30:43 -0700


I just spend a most enjoyable evening on your website! I use the web a lot and your site is one of the best I have ever visited. The pictures are wonderful. The text in well written. It is very well organized. Most important, the information presented is exactly what I wanted. Well, almost exactly.

We are building our dream house. You'll get the idea when I tell you that the flooring in the Great Room is 16-20" wide plank old growth eastern pine. We've been looking for just the right fireplace and saw your ad. (Sorry, I can't remember which publication.) Your website confirmed that what we need is a 48" Rumford.

Here's my question: Can I fit it into a corner? All the plans shown have triangular voids on both sides behind the side walls of the firebox. Are these functional? Can I just run the outer brick course at the same angle as the firebox? This would let me tuck the fireplace more efficiently into a corner.

Thanks for a wonderful website and for any insight you might have regarding my questions.

Best Regards,

Jerry Watkins

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