Steve Pinkowski and his brother, both 30 year masons, are convinced.

From: (Stephen Pinkowski)
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001
Subject: Rumford Fireplaces

Mr. Buckley,

My brother and I are experienced brick and stone masons (30 yrs. each), who have built countless fireplaces over the years. All were standard firebox varieties, until a few years ago. At that time we recieved a request for a Rumford from one of our regular homebuilders. We were amazed at the ease of construction and the heating capabilities of the Rumford design. The aesthetic values of the higher than normal box are a real seller. We haven't built one of the old designs since!

Currently. we are veneering three old barns in turn of the century architectural design, and the fourth project is the owners totally redone and expanded farmhouse. It will have four Rumfords with extremely ornate facades and chimney work. We are dearly interested in displaying our talents and are also looking for any circa 1900 design ideas. Any help we recieve would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you,

Steve Pinkowski

P.S. On all of the veneer work, we are using three courses of six inch high cut and faced Dakota granite, corbelled in one half inch per course, with a four inch high piece corbelled back out one inch. The brickwork starts there. I thought this might help with some facade design ideas.

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