Jesse Moore "... you really have an outstanding web site."

From: "Jesse H Moore V"
Subject: Your Web Site
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 10:26:37 -0500

Mr. Buckley,

I was searching for something else on the Internet -- I'm amidst designing a new house for us here in NC -- and happened to hit your web site, on the page where you have a series of photographs showing how you built a fireplace and chimney in one day.

I want to tell you, I got so involved in that, I went here and there on the web site, forgot what it was I was looking for ... you really have an outstanding web site.

I almost wish we were planning to have a masonry fireplace and chimney in the new house, just so we could hire you ... unfortunately, we have decided against it ... at least in this permutation of the design process.

Again, your web site does exactly what I expect you wanted it to: It leaves no doubt that if you need a fireplace, your company is the one to hire.

Jesse (Jess) H. Moore V*

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