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From: Charles Freeny
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I built a log cabin down here in Texas the old fashioned way. We cut the trees (post oak), milled them ourselves, and ended up with a great little 3br, 2bath cabin on our lake. Naturally we wanted a 'real' fireplace, and just any old fireplace wasn't the aim. I found your website and got swept away by the idea. I'm an engineer, and it seemed to make sense to me.

I had tried to use one of the masons on your list, from Terrell. Couldn't interest him in coming all the way to Buffalo, TX for this job, plus it turned out he actually hadn't built one, but just wanted to. So I just got a hold of a fellow who was by all accounts, a very good mason.

But when I brought him out to give me a bid, it got a little uncomfortable. Not the price, mind you, but because the mason had his 53 year old father with him, who was also a mason. Well, he said he'd been building fireplaces for 35 years and never seen anything like what I wanted (a 36" Rumford). I had your info from the web, plus the info from Metro Brick in Dallas where I'd bought the components. Finally, the son agreed to build it to specification and I agreed to not hold him responsible for whether it worked, only to hold him responsible for meeting the spec's. He did a magnificent job, everything was spot on. When we finally started a fire, it drew beautifully. An oak fire in that fireplace really throws a lot of heat. We have had EVERYONE who stood in front of it (when burning) comment on 'what a good fireplace this is'.

Count us as another satisfied customer.

Chuck Freeny.

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