Initial OMNI Report
Comparative Fireplace Emissions Testing - 1999-2000

Full OMNI Report
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These results were presented in Portland, OR on June 12, 2000 by Paul Tiegs and Jim Houck as slides or overhead projections. OMNI is working on a written narrative interpretation and perhaps a printed Report but, until then, Paul has given me permission to post the results on line. I do so without comment - except for my notes written on the day of the presentation.

Study Matrix

CO Comparisons

CO2 Comparisons

Oxygen Comparisons

Flue Flow Rates

Particulate Emissions 1

Particulate Emissions 2

Particulate Emissions 3

Efficiency Calculations 1

Efficiency Calculations 2

Efficiency Calculations 3

Efficiency Calculations 4

Efficiency Calculations 5

Appliance Efficiencies

Efficiency Based Thresholds

Emission-Efficiency Thresholds

HPA-AP-42 Comparisons

Air Fuel Calculations 1

Air Fuel Calculations 2

Emissions vs. Air Fuel Ratio

Summary by Paul Tiegs
Notes by Jim Buckley
Emissions Factor Comparisons - NSC/WA

Pictures of the fireplaces being built and tested

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