Eagle County Approves Rumfords*



TO: Eagle County Building Division & Interested Parties
FROM: Raymond P. Merry, REHS, Env. Health Division Mgr.
DATE: October 22, 1998
RE: Approved wood burning devices pursuant the Eagle County regulation to control pollution caused by wood smoke

This memorandum lists woodburning devices allowed for use in Eagle County, pursuant to the regulations adopted to control pollution caused by woodsmoke. Devices on this list are in addition to the EPA list of certified stoves.

Remember that an "exempt" device means the device was simply not eligible for certification under EPA's Phase II program, it is not necessarily clean burning. Should you be approached by someone who wants to install an "exempt" device which does not appear on this list, the manufacturer needs to gain local approval by proving the device is clean burning.

As of the above referenced date, the additional wood burning devices approved for use in Eagle County that meet or exceed the emission standards for stove certification are:

This memorandum must replace any previous correspondence.

*In 2000 Ray Merry called me to say he had to withdraw approval of Rumford fireplaces in Eagle County. I haven't put up a fight since Ray was one of the most supportive and knowlegeable county air quality regulators and was very supportive during the Reg 4 Critical Review Team. But that was in 2000 and fair is fair. We will soon re-apply for approval. - Jim Buckley, 9/28/02

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