Tall Chimneys - Big Rumfords

The Daniel Island Club; Charleston, SC
Schmitt Walker Architects
116 High Street #302
Westerly, RI 02891
401 348 2951 (fax 401 348 2953)
Scott R. Haugh, Assoc. AIA, Project Manager


If you may recall, I described a project to you a while back. It's a large golf clubhouse with chimneys in excess of 47' tall. We built them with a structural steel frame + brick veneer - rather than loadbearing masonry. We used superior clay tops & caps, and your pre-built herringbone fireplace "backs". Anyway, it's now nearing completion - and I thought I'd share some images.

There are some photos at: http://www.sswarchitects.com/SRH/DIGC/ (just the barebones photos at the moment).

Scott R. Haugh, Associate AIA

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