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An American in Italy

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008
From: ev thomas
Subject: Rumford fireplace in Italy
To: Jim Buckley

Hello Jim

Thank you for your mail. Let me thionk about this idea a bit more. What I need to do first is rebuild my own fireplace. I have so many things to do on this old house (600 years old) I just not have been able to get those photos and dimensions to you yet, but I WILL very soon.

It is because I really appreciate and think that a real fireplace is a beautiful object and can be functional as well, that I got interested in the rumford approach. Then after receiving Jeannie's mail the idea of a business related to this interest got my attention.

There is interest in the Rumford fireplace (camino) but just how much I don't really know. I went down to Rome to Alfredo Neri ( a very good store or dealer that primarily sells wood burning stoves, all kinds, and also installs heating systems and fireplaces. They were very much aware of the Rumford and even mention it on their website (http://www.alfredoneri.com/breve_storia_del_caminetto.htm) but they have never built a Rumford, do not sell the components and did not know anyone in Italy at present who was building them. But I am sure someone here is or at least a modified version. If you do a simple google search on Google.It you come up with several entries, such as http://www.fuocoelegna.it/links.php, but the information sends you to your site. In fact most of the sites all end up quoting you or refering to your site. So this tells me there is interest. Yet none of the masons,stove dealers or traditional businesses that would sell or build a Rumford had no experience building a Rumford and did not know anyone selling components.

The truth is, I think part of the problem here is that for so many years Italians lived with poor functioning fireplaces and at the first chance either got rid them or replaced them with a pellet stove or put an insert in them. When I told my neighbor, an old farmer that lives about 2 miles away, that I was going to make my fireplace work he just shook his head. But there has to be a market and an interest because I recently saw that ANFUS, which is an association of "fumista" (people who clean and build fireplaces, was offering a class for their members on how to build a Rumford.Even so, when I called them they could not give me a list of names of people who could help me build a Rumford.

So, let me think about this.

best regards
Ev Thomas

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