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Milan, February 8th 200I

Claudio Malaguti
Tel. 0039/02/72331442
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To whom it may concern

Dear Sirs,

I'm a journalist from an Italian houses&furniture monthly magazine. I'm working on an article about a house in Santa Monica, CA. Inside it, I have a fireplace I was told by our photographer to be a Rumford one. I'm sending you an attached file with a photo of it.

I'd like to have some further information about the fireplace, since I'd like to say something about it to our readers. They are almost two millions, that's a considerable ammount for Italy, so I think it would be interesting also for you to be mentioned in our magazine COSE DI CASA, especially if you have any dealers in Italy or you have plans about it.

The publication on any news about you is totally free, of course, and my only goal is to let our readers know something different about fireplaces.

Well, here's to you some questions I have in mind. Hope you can help me, since I couldn't find answers to these by visiting your web-site.

1) Which are the elements of a typical Rumford fireplace? The shape of it, the building materials, what else?
2) I was told the fireplace whose photo I'm sending you has a mottled cinder block surface. Is it true?
3) If it is so, would you please tell me something about the working of cinder to make it become a real covering material?

Thank you so much for your kind attention.

Best regards,
Claudio Malaguti

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