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James Lino, Matt Conorton Built house featuring one of the Rumfords in the McNear Rumford brochure

Dear Jim,

Please find attached two images from the Lino Residence fireplace. The masons by whom it was built: Wayne Olderback, and Mitch Shandley. The woodwork by myself.

We love our Rumford and use it daily for about six months a year. I think my appreciation is greater for having been involved in quite a few of these prior to building my own.

Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005
Subject: County of Marin
From: "James G. Lino"
To: Jim Buckley

County of Marin update! I spoke with Ed Henry (Co. of Marin Chief Building Inspector) last week regarding the County's new fireplace ordinance. As I think you know masonry fireplaces are no longer allowed in Marin (existing fireplaces excluded). The County is, however, making an exception - they are allowing Rumford type fireplaces only when Superior Clay parts are specified. This information will not be provided by the County, one must ask the right questions to learn of the exception. Good job Jim! I have tried for years to get Ed Henry to allow me certain exceptions, always to no avail.

Best regards,
Jim Lino

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