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Ketchell Rumford

Ketchell Construction
1458 Shaner Drive
Pottstown, PA 19465
610 326 1600

Rick Ketchell has a great idea. He uses one of our Sentry tops (with a 17"x17" base) to cover a 13"x13" flue serving a 36" Rumford fireplace. He says the top covers, not only the flue, but the joint between the flue and the chimney crown to keep water out of the chimney.

He also had a downdraft which led to a smoky fireplace which we could cure with the introduction of some ventilation air. In a way, I guess that's a complement to Rick - he builds a tight house.

Finally, Rick didn't think much of our dampers. Better to have one damper that works than multiple choices between poorly designed dampers. I agree with him. Thanks, Rick.

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