Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
General Instructions

1. Hearth Base & Framing in Floor
2. Framing around Fireplace
3. Inner Hearth
4. Firebox
5. Backup Masonry
6. Set the Throat
7. Create A Platform
8. Set Rumford Damper
9. Smoke Chamber
10. Build Chimney
11. The Surround
12. Glass Doors
Building a Fire

7. Create A Platform

Lay the surrounding masonry up to the top of the throat to create a flat platform at the top of the throat on which to set the damper and smoke chamber.

The throat is not supposed to expand when heated so it can be grouted in solid. But treat the vertical sides and back of the throat like a flue liner, touching it here and there with brick and mortar to create a bond break so the throat has a little room to move.

Available Dampers
Cast iron damper instalation
Vestal damper detail

8. Set Rumford Damper.

Set the cast iron or heavy steel Rumford damper over the opening in refractory mortar. Make sure the damper frame does not block the throat opening and check that the valve operates correctly. The cast iron damper has a valve that opens forward. The heavy steel damper can be installed either with the valve opening forward or toward the back. Either damper can be fitted with a chain control through the wall as an alternative to the standard poker control.

9. Smoke Chamber.

Set the vitrified clay smoke chamber in mortar over the damper on the platform at the top of the throat tiles. The smoke chamber can be shifted to one side or the other, forward or backward or "leaned" to line up with the chimney or duck under a frame header so long as the damper valve opens without striking the inside of the smoke chamber. Fill the joints between the two halves of the smoke chamber with refractory mortar.

Lay up the surrounding masonry at least 4" thick around the smoke chamber so that the total thickness through the smoke chamber wall is at least 6".


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