From: "Matthew"
Subject: EPA Phase II Certification for luxury home subdivision in Lincoln, CA and Placer County, CA
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008


I found your site after researching the use of Rumford fireplaces for EPA Phase II certification. Great stuff! We build custom homes in the greater Sacramento area and have been stifled in our ability to service clients wanting wood burning fireplaces, specifically in an area of Lincoln called Twelve Bridges, and in other subdivisions subject to rule of the Placer County Air Pollution Control District ( For instance, in Twelve Bridges and the Verdera neighborhood where we've been building lately (see, here are the rules from the City of Lincoln:

"Measure 4.8-4(d) Wood stoves and open fireplaces shall be prohibited within the Twelve Bridges Specific Plan area, except for EPA certified Phase II wood stoves and inserts. Open fireplaces without an EPA certified insert shall not be allowed."

Given that most of our clients are rich and used to getting what they want, I would love to offer them wood burning fireplaces, while complying with the clean air requirements in these jurisdictions. Would you be interested in having your fireplaces pre-approved for use in these areas?

I have at least one client who would immediately jump at the chance, and a number more (including myself) who might consider building outdoor fireplaces if they could burn wood.

Please reply and let me know what you would suggest.


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