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Raymond Whitwer, who grew up in Tilden, Nebraska is giving back - a magnificent library, build with brick, designed to last 500 years, "full of curves", with a Gates Foundation state of the art computer system and a Rumford fireplace. Ray, at eighty years of age, is on the line laying brick. We'll keep you posted.

Raymond Whitwer
4204 Adams Avenue
San Diego CA
Ralph Whitwer
Whitwer Construction
Box 445 (Antalope Street)
Tilden, NE 68781-0445
James Schmidt
739 4th Avenue, Suite 201
San Diego, CA 92101
Debara Seaburg
812 North Ann Street
Lancaster PA

Endicot Brick brick sculptures
Bill Gates Foundation for computers in pilot program

Finish Pictures below kindly provided by David Whitwer*, 6/25/05

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Tilden Public Library Website

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