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Date: 24 Apr 1997
From: (Paul Hempel)
Subject: another Rumford convert


Just wanted to let you know we finally got the fireplace I've been bugging you about for a year or so finished, and it's all you said it would be and more! Had our first fire last night and it was fantastic. About sucked me up the chimney when I lit it, and really tremendous fireview and heat output. All other fireplaces look really odd now... deep, dark holes in the wall.

Mainly wanted to thank you for all your help, advice, and hand-holding while we built it...really appreciate all your time, and will certainly brag on your rumford fireplaces among the sweep community.

Also couldn't resist sending along a picture of the new baby in action.

Thanks again,
Paul Hempel


Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2007
To: Jim Buckley
From: Paul Hempel
Subject: Re: Rumford damper


Checked out the new steel damper and sounds good.

I just love my Rumford to death, but the original style damper I have always seemed like a weak point...not very well balanced with the handle attachment in the dead middle of the damper there's a tendency to push it out of track when it's opened, and prone to fall shut if there's any crud up around it.

But the way the damper is mounted so high above the throat piece I doubt there's much hope of digging the old one out and replacing it. And being sweep-paranoid of turbulence I pulled the chamber in so tight to avoid any smoke rolling up there that it's an almost impossible chore just getting my valve plate in and out. Also doesn't help that as I get older the shoulders aren't too happy working in that position anymore either! ;)

But I'll keep the new one in mind for any future Rumfords we might build, and again Jim, I really appreciate your time. We burn this little sweetie every night and everyone that sees it loves it as much as we do. Can't thank you enough for the original handholding as I built it and it has provided countless hours of heat and pleasure.

I'll get the leg welded back on the original and I'm sure she'll be just fine.

Thanks again Jim, and take care,


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