Date: 7/4/00
From: "joey harrison"
To: Jim Buckley
Subject: comment

Your web site isn't very useful. I saw your ad in Fine Homebuilding for chimney tops, so I visited your site. No photos and no prices. No sale either.

Joey Harrison


Sorry you feel that way. There are photos of our chimney tops in situ at as well as our Chimney top Catalog at but I agree the links could be easier to find.

You can also find the tops by using our internal search engine and type in "tops".

You could also call Superior Clay at 800 848 6166 from the Fine Homebuilding ad to request a printed Catalog.

Prices are another matter. I would like to put prices on line but many of our dealers object and, in fact, the tradition in the masonry industry and most of the construction industry is for manufacturers not to advertise prices. The chimney top prices are set by our independent dealers - not us - and vary quite lot depending on freight and stocking policies. If and when you decide what tops you are interested in you should contact one or more of our dealers listed at to inquire about price and availability.


Jim Buckley

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