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B. Grueser Log Cabins
7581 Angel Ridge Road
Athens, OH 45701
Cell 740 591 6183, Fax 740 594 9009
Buying, selling, erecting historic log cabins with Rumford fireplaces
Barney Grueser - Has a Rumford in his own home - Gregg


Mr. Buckley,

I contacted you about help w/a getting a Rumford installed in the new Lake Hope Lodge in Vinton Co. OH. Thought you might want to know that plans have finally been approved for the Rumford in the Lodge. The State Gov. finally gave in to the idea. Maybe you can make it back to the Lodge sometime if your ever in our neck of the woods.

The first 2 pics are of another 42" Rumford we built. The reclaimed stone came from a cabin fireplace/chimney in Hurrican WV. The finished product is in Athens, OH

The third pic is of the new Fireplace at Lake Hope State Park Lodge which is finally under construction.

Take care,
Barney Grueser
7581 Angel Ridge Road
Athens, OH 45701
PH 740-593-5882


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