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From: grueser@frognet.net
To: buckley@rumford.com, grueser@frognet.net
Subject: Fireplace Pics
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006


Recieved the email you sent Colleen. Sending along pics of the Rumfords I have built so far. The first two pics are from a cabin I relocated from Vinton County Oh. to Athens County Oh. It has a 42" Rumford and it works better than I or any one else thought it would.

The other seven pics are of a 36" Rumford in a cabin we relocated from Zansville, OH to Lexington, KY. The all sand stone fire place pics, with the rough looking cabin in the background, also was in Vinton Co. OH. We took that cabin down and used the old fire place for the facing of the new Rumford in Ky. The header stone measured 24"x 60"x 12" and weighed over 1200 lbs. The patina left from the 150+ years of smoke & heat made the new Rumford in Ky. look like it had been there for many many years. It also works great & my clients are thrilled with their first Rumford. I will sent more pics as the cabin gets furnished and there is better lighting.*

Barney Grueser
P. S. I like the first pic best.

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