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Walker's Building Estimatior's Reference Book

by Scott Siddens (Editor), Frank R. Walker Co.

Book Description

A guide to estimating material and labor costs, the Walker Building Estimator's Reference Book is renowned for the depth of detail and description contained in its 1,728 pages, providing the user a reference that is unique among books relating to estimating.

Updated continuously since 1915, this hands-on manual covers updated construction methods, material and labor costs and labor productivity (man-hours). It walks you through each phase of the estimate in each CSI Division, 1 to 16. It also contains valuable information on construction finance, scheduling, construction management, bidding, negotiating contracts, value engineering, types of cost estimates, overhead, insurance, profit, change orders, and more.

It is this level of substance that makes "Walker's Building Estimator's Reference Book" a standard in the curriculum of dozens of universities' construction programs.

Used by builders, contractors, architects, engineers, adjusters, appraisers, home-craftsmen, colleges, universities and technical schools. It is also mandated reference for the State of Florida General License Examination, in addition to 16 states which license contractors on the basis of competency exams.

Accepted in many courts as industry-normative data for construction dispute resolution. (1,728 pages, CSI format)

A reader from Gainesville, Florida , August 9, 1999

A lot of book for your buck. This is like five books in one. I think it's an amazing value. My father used this book for about 40 years and, as a result, I became a disciple of the Walker method. I just picked up the new edition and I found the concrete and masonry chapters vastly improved. It teaches you how to factor in all those variables and to account for the unexpected and how to put together your own bid, something that estimating software has yet to do.

Email from Frank R. Walker Company


The Building Estimator's Reference Book has a great chapter on masonry with information on chimneys and fireplaces. We have another book that might interest your constituency, that is "F.R. Walker's Remodeling Reference Book" which is an estimating manual for remodeling.


David Callahan
Frank R. Walker Company

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