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Recommended Application Procedures

We are hard at work with the rest of the industry and the EPA developing new ASTM standards that will be recognized nationally. We will be testing anew in the Spring of 2007.

In the meanwhile I recommend that anyone interested in getting approval for a Rumford fireplace in any jurisdiction that regulates fireplace emissions follow our regular through the front door procedure:

Maybe they will approve it. If not,

    1) Ask if they will allow you to install gas logs. By the National Fuel Gas Code you have to build a code compliant solid-fuel fireplace in which to install the gas logs and getting approval for gas logs will allow you to get on with the building process and allow you to decide later if you want to appeal the wood-burning decision. See Gas Logs and Flue Size

    2) Ask about the appeal procedures and necessary paper work for filing an appeal. Preserves your options and puts them on notice that you know your rights. Building officials are busy, overworked people (just ask them) and don't relish the idea of preparing for an evening meeting to hear appeals they may lose. They may just find a way to approve your application for a permit for a wood-burning Rumford based on our test results.

Bottom line, we have good science to show that our Rumfords are cleaner than EPA certified stoves. The politics is what's wacky. I will be happy to help you with any appeal you care to invite me into. Please let me know what you decide to do - or want me to do - whatever you decide.

Jim Buckley

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