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Summit County, CO Application


David Nassar working on Rumford approval in Summit County

From: "Chuck Foote"
To: buckley@rumford.com
Subject: Certified Rumford Fireplaces
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008


Interesting new information. It appears that Summit county Colorado is willing to relax it’s ban on new wood burning fireplaces in order to deal with all of the beetle kill lodgepole pine devastation. I have a request from a mason for information on a certified 42” Rumford. I can find 30”,36”, and 48” certified units, but no 42”. Can the 42” be built as a certified unit? Please give me a call, or e-mail me, and let me know how to proceed.


Chuck Foote
(303) 210-9558 Mobile
(303) 825-2211 Office

I called Larry Regnfro, Summit Cty Building Dept., after builder, Fred Niggeler called me. Larry said I should talk with Rick Weinman. I sent a letter to Rick Weinman attaching our emissions results and asking that Rumford be approved. I also asked OMNI to send "official" results.

Received calls from John Norton, Rio Grande, and Lance Olsen, builder, and tried to call Rick to see how our application was progressing.

Finally talked with Rick who said he had gotten my letter and had asked Glenn Morgan (970 668 4082) to look into it. I reported on our new round of OMNI tests, said I would give Glenn a call and told rick I was advising Fred and Lance to plan on installing gas logs for the purposes of getting permits and if Rumfords were approved, even if it takes a while, maybe they wouldn't have to actually install the gas logs.

Key participants:

Larry Renfroe, Rick Weinman Glenn Morgan
Summit Cty Building Dept.
P.O. Box 5660
Frisco, CO 80443
970 668 3170 general number
Rick Weinman - 970 668 4088 (fax 970 668 4225)
Glenn Morgan - 970 668 4082)

Re: R42 at Ruby Ranch subdivision permit # 99-0127
Arch: Will Young
Builder: Myriam Enterprises Fred Niggeler - 970 468 6190 (fax 970 262 0519)
Mason: Chris Lusin
Dealer: Mayne Block

John Norton, Rio Grande 303 825 2211
Lance Olsen - 970 418 8127 mason willing to make calls work for us went to county state reg#4 - Doesn't want gas - can't have damper

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