Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
Pleasant Hill, CA


I spoke to Ed McLaughlin yesterday afternoon, and -- at least in the City of Pleasant Hill, CA -- there is no impediment to making the Rumford conversion in the process of a "fireplace repair" or "firebox repair." In fact, Ed went a bit farther than that, and stated that pretty much anything could be accomplished as long as it fit within the scope of "repair" work involving the firebox or flue. When I mentioned "Rumford," Ed was immediately excited about it; he noted the cleaner-burning efficiency and heating effectiveness right off, and it was obvious that he knew all of the signature features and benefits of the design. We have a knowledgeable, and very positive ally at the Building Department, and there's no obstacle to us moving ahead with the conversion.

I'll be speakng with Don Brumfield over at Brickyard building Materials first thing tomorrow morning to get a referral for a competent mason with experience building Rumford fireboxes.

-- Darrin


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Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
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