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Testing at OMNI, 2007

Testing the E-36 Low Mass Fireplace
Building Standard 36" Fireplace
Building 36" Rumford Fireplace
Mutual Materials Bill of Materials
Testing the 36" Standard Masonry Fireplace
Testing the 36" Rumford Fireplace

The Heatilator E-36 "low mass" fireplaces that was tested at Myren Labs to develop a low mass fireplace fueling protocol was tested again at OMNI using the "Colorado Fueling Protocol" in order to calibrate the two fueling protocols.

A 36" standard masonry fireplace, identical to the one tested at Myren Labs, was also built and tested at OMNI Lab using the Colorado Fueling Protocol. We also built a standard code-compliant 36" Rumford fireplace.

Now we have the results on the same "low mass" fireplace and the same masonry fireplace from two different labs and tested to two different fueling protocols. The Colorado Fueling Protocol is now calibrated to the Low Mass Fireplace Fueling Protocol and we have a way to adjust the fueling for different size and shape fireplaces using the Colorado Fueling Protocol.

We plan to see how we can modify the standard fireplace to make it burn clean and compare it with the Rumford fireplace. Then we may build other sizes and styles of fireplaces that hopefully will burn clean.

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