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Don Schlining, Plans Examiner
Building Department
Nevada County Community Development Agency
950 Maidu Ave.
Nevada City, CA 95959
530 265 1222, fax 530 265 9854

To: Mike McCary
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008
Subject: Rumford fireplace in Nevada county
From: buckley@rumford.com


I talked Don Shlinning, the plans examiner, who is feeling his way like we are in that this is the first certified outdoor Rumford any of us have dealt with.

He seemed to be pleased when I showed him in our Manual at http://www.rumford.com/manualca.html that we have a good system to keep track of "Certified Rumfords" but he asked me to also provide you with a letter stating that the 36" Rumford you build outdoors will be "certified" but won't need glass doors and an air system because it's outdoors.

I'll prepare that letter for you this evening or tomorrow.

Jim Buckley

    Hey Jim, What the county is asking me is to get the plans for the 36 in. Rumford fireplace. But they do not want it to be a generic plan. They want it to be specific to the place where it is to be installed and they want the OMNI test results with it. This is an outdoor fireplace but Nevada County has adopted an ordinance that says any solid burning fireplace built in the county must meet EPA Phase 2 standards and they need to verify the information. And I believe that is why they want it to come from Buckley Rumford. I have built plenty of Rumford fireplaces but this is the first I have had to get the permit myself. So this fireplace is for a residence in Grass Valley.*

    From what I understand they want to make sure that at this house specifically that the fireplace that will be built will meet the EPA standards. I do have a couple questions about the fireplace as well. Since it is an outdoor fireplace does it need the frisch air system? And  are the doors necessary for the fireplace because I have never built one with doors and would rather not have them. Thank you very much for your time. The name of my business is McCary Masonry and my name is Mike McCary. You can reach me at 530-210-5868 or 530-273-2247

To: buckley@rumford.com
From: Steve Wilkinson
To: "'buckley@rumford.com'"
Subject: Local Code Compliance
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002


>From the 1997 Southern Nevada Building Code Amendments:

3102.8 New Fireplaces in Construction. No fireplace shall be constructed in any residential dwelling unless it is one of the following:

(c) A dedicated wood-burning factory-built enclosed fireplace or heater that conforms to the "Phase II E.P.A., Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources: New Residential Wood Heaters" as prescribed on 40 CFR Part 60, Subpart AAA, as verified by a nationally recognized listing approved by the Building Official;

(d) A masonry fireplace that includes the installation of a wood-burning insert which meets the standards described in Paragraph (c) of this Subsection and which is installed in accordance with the insert manufacturer's instructions.


Does your Rumford R6054 Fireplace meet the above criteria?

Steve Wilkinson
Marnell Corrao Associates
4495 South Polaris Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Ph: (702) 739-9413
Fax: (702) 739-0286

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