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Fireplace Emissions in Napa

Outdoor Rumfords Okay

Napa has banned interior wood burning fireplaces, but exterior are still allowed as long as you comply with the bay area no burn days. - Sara Dewey, Assoc. AIA

Gas Rumfords

I met with Darrell Mayes, the head building official in Napa County who said, "If I saw a Rumford with a gas log set installed I would probably approve it". He wouldn't even have to ask the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) because this is a gas fireplace and the BAAQMD regulates wood-burning fireplaces. The problem has been, he said, that "your customers put us in a bind. We see a fireplace and they promise they intend to install gas logs, but how do our inspectors really know they will?"

Napa County Approves an Isokern

Napa County approved an Isokern with a Catalytic Combustor which is one of the seven EPA "qualified" fireplaces on the EPA Burn Wise list according to John Taylor, plans examiner and an architect.

We are not sure if that means the BAAQMD approved the fireplace or if Napa County just approved it on their own which begs the question of what authority the BAAQMD has over local city and county governments. We're not sure. Click here if you know or can shed some light. Anyway, looks like an opportunity.

More when we find out. - Jim Buckley

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