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Menlo Park allows "Certified Buckley Rumford fireplaces". See City of Menlo Park Requirements for Woodburning Fireplaces. Thanks to Susan Santos

Talked with Ron LaFrance, City of Menlo Park inspector, (650 330-6723) who said BAAQMD would not approve a fireplace if it isn't tested at "low, medium and high burn levels"?! I think they must be talking about the stove standard - not the Voluntary Fireplace program. So, no progress. Although Ron likes Rumfords and would like to find a way to approve them.- Jim


BAAQMD hasn't come yet in MP - the way they handle the issue is to provide a link the EPA site for the list with the "qualified" boxes.

That said, I am well prepared to take on the next Rumford when it comes up.

Thanks again for all your help,

Thank you, Fred. We will follow up on the rules in Menlo Park. It may be the break we are looking for and the reason we need to test. - Jim

To: Lafrance, Ron J "RJLafrance@menlopark.org"
From: Jim Buckley


The 30-, 36- and 48-inch Rumford fireplaces manufactured by the Buckley Rumford Company are new technology devices that meet or exceed the U.S. EPA Phase II emissions standard based on the Washington State fireplace regulation (WAC 50-30-31200) which has established 7.3 grams of particulate emissions per kilogram of fuel burned (7.3 g/kg) as equivalent to the U.S. EPA's limit of 7.5 grams of particulate emissions per hour (7.5 g/hr) as reported by OMNI-Test Laboratories, an EPA Certified test laboratory.

The test results, with cover letter from OMNI Director, Paul Tiegs, are on line at http://www.rumford.com/testRumfordresults.html We can ask OMNI to mail you an original copy if you like.

Our California Manual comes with the "Certified Core Kit" and is on line at http://www.rumford.com/manualca.html. The Manual includes Plans, Instructions and registration procedures. Along with the components themselves, the Manual insures our customers, you and ourselves that each "Certified Rumford" built is substantially the same and to the same standards as the fireplaces we actually tested.

The last round of testing we did in 1999 and 2000 was done using the Northern Sonoma County standards. See http://www.rumford.com/emissions/testing.html

Jim Buckley



Could you please send me all of your emissions data for all of your models so that we may be able to approve for use in our jurisdiction? Our wood burning ordinance is tied to the Northern Sonoma County Air Quality District. Do your fireplaces meet their standards?


Ron La France
Building Official
City of Menlo Park


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