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Gunnison County Building/Office Permits
221 N. Wisconsin St., Ste. D; Gunnison, CO 81230
970 641 1011
Rich Wojdakowski, Building official
Cathy, Community Development, 970 641 0360 - Thought the results and letter from OMNI combined with the letter from Letter from the State of Colorado would be sufficient for approval.

Buckley Rumford Company
1035 Monroe Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368
360 385 9974
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County Commissioners
Gunnison County, Colorado

Buckley Rumford fireplaces have been tested for emissions in an EPA certified laboratory and found to meet the Colorado Regulation #4 emissions standard for masonry heaters. In fact the Rumfords aced the test with emission levels well under the standard. The Colorado masonry heater standard was intended to be equivalent to the EPA standard set for stoves but more recent tests showed that it was actually more stringent than the stove standard.

So, if Buckley Rumford fireplaces meet or exceed both the Colorado masonry heater emission standard and the EPA stove standard, why aren't they on the state list of approved appliances?

Actually, the Rumfords were approved by the State of Colorado and were on the list for a while but were taken off the list once it was pointed out that the Rumfords were neither masonry heaters nor stoves. They are fireplaces. And the Colorado Regulation #4 is silent on fireplaces except for a ban, regardless of how clean they might be, in the six counties around Denver.

It's up to Gunnison County to approve or disapprove any fireplace. We can only argue that Buckley Rumford fireplaces are at least as clean-burning as the masonry heaters and stoves Gunnison County already approves and we can show that the State of Colorado agrees since they approved the Rumfords based on their performance and only took them off the list because, strictly speaking, the State doesn't regulate fireplaces.

Attached for your reference are our test results with a cover letter from the EPA certified test laboratory and letters from the State of Colorado to support the above summary. We respectfully urge your approval of the 30", 36" and 48" Buckley Rumford fireplace models in Gunnison County.

Best Regards,
Jim Buckley


Cover letter from OMNI Lab's Director, Paul Tiegs, and the official Buckley Rumford Fireplace test results, on line at http://www.rumford.com/testRumfordresults.html

Letter from Gary Finiol, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, to Grand County Commissioners verifying that Buckley Rumford fireplaces did meet the masonry heater performance standard and were approved by the State but subsequently removed from the list because the State doesn't regulate fireplaces. The letter is on line at http://www.rumford.com/emissions/Grandletter.jpg


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