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Talked with Dan, Daniel J. Murphy Arch, who referred me to Neil Stockbaum, Gunnison Colunty planner (970 641 0360) who wasn't in so I talked with Cathy B(?) who affirmed that Certified Rumfords are still permitted. She also said that gas logs in non certified masonry fireplaces are permitted so long as they are "permanently installed". "What does that mean?" I asked and she referred me to Rich (?), the building inspector, who said the damper must be removed ot wired open, can't be built in bedrooms and the customer has to affirm in writing that they will not take out the gas logs and burn wood.

On February 22, 1995, before our Rumfords had been tested by OMNI but after we had done some in-house testing at Frisch Labs and McNear Brick, I went to Crested Butte to testify at a joint County Commissioners - City Planning Commission on behalf of the Moon Ridge Ranch development by Sissy LaVigne. The development was not in Crested Butte but was within a three mile area around the city where I was told the county was cooperating with the city on wood smoke emissions. On the strength of my testimony that Rumford fireplaces appeared in our unofficial tests to be cleaner than regular fireplaces, the joint city/county commission approved the Rumfords for the development.

Since then probably a dozen of so Rumfords have been built near Crested Butte.

On September 8, 1999 I received a call from Bob Gillie, Chief Building Official in Crested Butte. We had a good conversation. He said he was trying to sort out what to do about approval for Rumfords. He would check our website, he said, and call me back.

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