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Michelle Huebner, a plans examiner for the City of Boulder, called about our Rumford fireplace emissions. she said she had a customer who wanted to build an open fireplace. She pointed out the Boulder rules below:

    M1302.1.2.1 Solid Fuel burning Equipment. No permit shall be issued for the installation of a solid-fuel-burning fireplace stove, fireplace insert or wood stove appliance unless the appliance fully conforms with the requirements for emissions testing, certification and labeling found under Title 30, Article 28, Sections 402-405 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. All such appliances to be installed must be certified by the Air Pollution Control Division of the Colorado Department of Health to meet the emissions standards set forth in Section IV of Regulation No. 4 of Volume I of the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission as EPA Phase II or Colorado Phase III solid-fuel-burning devices.
And I explained the recent developememt of ASTM E2558 and what's happening in California.

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