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To the question: "Are you still able to get Rumfords approved in Alameda?"

On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 Dick Rutter wrote:


So far, the answer is "Yes". Bay Area Air Quality Management District iscracking down on the use of fireplaces and barbecues under any circumstance, and burning a fire in one on a "clear the air day" will get you a fine... You usually have to go on the internet to find out if "today" is a "clear the air day" or not. Easy to light a match at the wrong time...

Our Chief Building Official here in Alameda is still utilizing the State Historic Building Code to allow the reconstruction of proven pre-existing fireplaces in old (pre-1942) houses, and that's where the Rumfords can make the most sense. New fireplaces are in the "not going to happen" category around here.


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