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Testing for an ASTM Standard, 2005-8


Within the ASTM E06.54.07 Task Group we are testing to establish an ASTM fueling protocol for Masonry Fireplaces.

The Low Mass Fireplace fueling protocol was developed at Myren Labs using a Heatilator E-36 zero-clearance fireplace.

We built and tested a standard 36" masonry fireplace and tested it in 2005 and again in 2007 at Myren Labs to see how the test crib, designed for a low mass fireplace, worked for a masonry fireplace. Becasue the Low Mass Fireplace Method has already been balloted and time is short, we might like to write an "annex" to enable masonry fireplaces to be tested to the Low Mass Method.

We at least want to make use of the work done by the Low Mass Fireplace Task Group to establish a base line fuel crib, but masonry fireplaces have a wider range of size and firebox configuration so we want to use the scaling formula worked out by OMNI and built into the Colorado Fueling Protocol.

OMNI Test Lab in Oregon has now completed a series of tests using the modified "Colorado Fueling Protocol" in the Manufactured E-36 fireplace that Myren Labs in Washington used to develop the manufactured fireplace fueling protocol.

By testing the E-36 using the Colorado Fueling Protocol, OMNI has now established that the Manufactured Fireplace fueling protocol and the Colorado Fueling Protocol yield virtually the same results in the E-36. The bench mark has been established and we can move on to test masonry fireplaces with larger or differently shaped fireboxes using the Colorado Fueling Protocol.

We are now almost ready to recommend to the E06.54 sub-committee both an "annex" to allow masonry fireplaces to be tested to the Low Mass Fueling Method and also the Draft Masonry Fireplace Fueling Method.

Jim Buckley
E06.54.07 Chair

Testing at Myren Labs, 2005
Testing at OMNI Labs, 2007
Testing at Myren Labs, 2007
Testing Rumford at OMNI Labs, 2008
Update, 2008
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