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The cost of a Rumford fireplace depends on a lot of factors. The simple answer is: "It costs about the same "in the wall" as regular masonry fireplace. The components cost a few hundred dollars more but you make it back in the time and labor they save."

But many customers - even architects - haven't a clue to the nearest ten thousand dollars how much a masonry fireplace and chimney should cost, so here is a little guidance:

The cost of the Rumford core kit - firebrick, throat, damper, smoke chamber and flues - for a 36" Rumford is around $2,000 depending on freight. This doesn't count the mantel or trim or glass doors. The rest of the materials - stone, brick, block, mortar, rebar, etc. - may cost another $2,000 or more.

Lummi Island Stone Rumford
The rest depends on how long it takes the mason to build it.

A well tended mason on a production job can build a 36" Rumford with a one story block chimney in one day. See construction photo series. Bigger fireplaces, taller chimneys, stone or brick instead of block all cost more.

Custom jobs (which most are) can cost twice as much, especially if the mason has to spend time moving other construction material, getting to know the inspector, making last minute changes and waiting for a carpenter to head off the floor joists or a plumber to run the gas starter pipe.

A mason and a hoddy, with equipment and insurance and who pays taxes, has to charge at least $1,200 per day - whether he builds the fireplace, moves the windows out of the way or waits for the carpenter.

So there you have it. Put it all together and a Rumford fireplace with a masonry chimney could cost as little as $5,000 or $6,000 or as much as the customer has money for.

Expect the mason contractor to factor in delays due to weather, job site not being ready, changes in the plan, etc. up front. Alternatively, the homeowner or builder can usually assume all the risk and pay the mason contractor by the day. Here is an opportunity for negotioation.

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