Table 1. Emissions Test Results

FireplaceDateConfigurationEmissions Factor
48-inch Rumford*3/13/96Open Door4.08
3/8/96Closed Door2.26
30-inch Rumford*3/13/96Open Door7.04
3/15/96Closed Door2.47
36-inch Rumford**1/28/00Open Door9.30
2/1/00Closed Door4.15
36-inch Rumford***3/2/00Open Door2.4

*4"x4" pieces of douglas fir were split and loaded against the fireback in a "tipi" configuration.
** Fueling was 4"x4" pieces of douglas fir with spacers between and held together with wire.
***Fueling was "tipi" configuration with 50% more fuel than the tests on 1/28/00 and 2/1/00.

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